How Custom GPTs Save Me Hours of Prompting and Research

How Custom GPTs Save Me Hours of Prompting and Research

Custom GPTs allow you to create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills. They have quickly become one of my favorite ChatGPT features, saving me time and significantly boosting my productivity. These tailored assistants, crafted for specific tasks like coding, copy editing, and research have become indispensable in my daily routine. Initially, I would instruct ChatGPT to adopt certain personas or focus areas—be it a friendly, professional tone for messages or meticulous attention to grammar in blog editing. This often involved repetitive prompting for similar tasks.

GPTs allow me to design assistants with specific personalities and expertise tailored exactly to my needs. The conversations then require less guidance and back-and-forth to produce helpful results. I either get the answer I need within the first couple of responses or quickly realize when the model might not meet my needs.

I kind of wish OpenAI would build a feature that automates this whole process by suggesting or even creating a custom GPT based on prompts/tasks I’m repeating often.

Here are some screenshots of some simpler tasks that I’ve used my Software Engineer GPT for in the past week:

Explaining High Level Concepts

Creating Regex

Explaining how to use libraries

Link to my Software Engineer GPT:

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Guide on how to create GPTs: