Hello There!

Welcome to my blog! I've already published a couple of posts but I figured I should do an intro post. So, here we are.

I'm Chuma Kabaghe, passionate about using technology to solve meaningful problems and fascinated by the nuances of human interactions and incentives that drive us. My journey in tech, from software engineer to now founder of Nexel (an AI automation startup), has been driven by a commitment to personal growth and the empowerment of others. I've enjoyed teaching and mentoring since my secondary school days.

Through this blog, I aim to keep sharing my insights and perspectives with the world. My journey from a software engineer to a startup founder has been filled with valuable lessons and insights, and I'm excited to write about them here. The content will vary, covering both technical topics and more general reflections. While some posts might be more polished than others, my goal is to always share something thought-provoking or intriguing that sparks your curiosity.

I’m excited to bring you along on this journey!