1977 Cd.Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.


2012 “Street Stories”, Tamaulipas Cultural Center, Cd. Victoria, Mexico.

2013 “Street Stories”, Tamaulipas International Festival, Ciudad Mante, México

2013 “Walking the Street”, Maverick, San Pedro Garza García, México

2015 “New York, we need to talk”, Casa Gotxicoa, San Pedro Garza García, México

2015 “Street Stories”, Reynosa Cultural Park, Reynosa, México

2015 “New York, we need to talk”, Galería Casa Balboa, Cd. Victoria, Mexico.

2015 “Coma águila, no coma plomo”, Museo Metropolitano, Monterrey, México

2016 “Street Stories”, Tamaulipas International Festival, Tamaulipas, México


2013: “XV Years, 15 artists” Tamaulipas International Festival, Tamaulipas, México.

2014: “ColectivaSiete” Casa Gotxicoa, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México

2015: “Movember” La Curaduría, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

2015: “Premium Art Basel Season 2015” Curators Voice Art Projects, Miami, Florida

2016: “Heterotopia”, Galería Heart Ego, San Pedro Garza García, México.

2016: “Metáforas Indispensables”, Heart Ego, San Pedro Nuevo León, México

2016: “Atropoescena”, Relaciones Exteriores Norteamericanas, Monterrey, México


2013-2014. “Learning to see with and without a camera”. Four day workshop for advanced street photographers, Tamaulipas, México (2013) and Festival Amado Nervo, Nayarit, México. (2014)


2001-2003 – Journalist, Writer and Photographer, El Sol Editors. El Norte Newspaper

2010- present: Photographer.


2006 and 2007. Traditional darkroom and camera techniques, The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), Cuernavaca, Mexico.

2014-2015. PARAC, High Performance Contemporary Art Program. Monterrey, Mx.

2017. Producción de Proyectos/Damián Ortega, LAR-School, Monterrey, Mx.


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